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If you decide to rest in Ravda, take advantage of our conditions which family hotel Miliana, because the distance to the beach is not more than 100 meters. The clean beach, the distances between Nessebar and the Sunny beach resort makes it a good place for marine tourism. The famous beaches of our resort are three. To get to the central beach you have to walk on the main street . It is a lot bigger with its soft sand, but in contrast, not very broad. The south beach is located on the other side of the village to the south and is larger than the central.

The biggest beach streak is in the northeast where is directed Nessebar and its near the hotel. The beach is famous with its name "Olympic hopes" with its soft sand which is shining below the the rays of the summer sun awakens desires for entertainment and enjoyment. Near this beach are the remains of the sunken ship "Aurelia".

Hotel Miliana has a very interesting destination. Against the backdrop of the extremely hot weather during the day , however at night they do not feel because of the nearby mountain stream. And another curious thing! Because of the mountain stream there are no mosquitoes.